I'm a software engineer with more than a decade of professional experience mainly with development in C++. When I don't do software, I relax by looking what people in other fields of engineering and science are doing and what they've come up with. Astronomy and physics are the closest to my heart in that sense.

Contact: matejzavrsnik.com

Bragging rights

My name on Mars!

Finished 1. part of Stanford's algorithms course on Coursera!

Finished 2. part of Stanford's algorithms course on Coursera!

I have have also finished 1. part of Princeton algorithms course, but they don't issue certificates. I'm going to brag anyway.

Microsoft certified professional for application development in .NET 4!

I've been recognized for my contributions to GalaxyZoo citizen science project! At the bottom of this National Science Foundation report, among hundreds of other contributors, there is my name. You'll probably need to search with ctrl+f, but it is there! :)

Finished Stanford's machine learning course on Coursera, this one with 100% score!